Quantum Massage Techniques

Quantum Massage Works - South Minneapolis

Techniques: Massage & Crainiosacral

Deep Tissue Massage
Pressure is aimed at specific muscles and fascia. Deep tissue massage is far more than just digging in to the tissue. Anatomical specificity -- targeted pressure applied to particular areas -- is far more important than mere pounds of pressure. Typical techniques include trigger point pressure - using fingertips, knuckles or small massage tools on overactive areas, commonly experienced as "knots," and heavy effleurage - using broader, yet still firm pressure to flush out fluids that cause inflammation, and bring oxygen and nutrients to the body.

Sports Massage

Massage helps prevent and recover from injuries and tough training sessions. Active and passive stretch and release methods free up muscle tissue from the surrounding fascia, and help muscles harmonize with the central nervous system.

Focused on wellness, relaxation massage relieves symptoms of stress by increasing blood flow to soothe tired and stiff muscles. Relaxation massage calms your nerves with long, rhythmic strokes, flushing the fluids in your body, helping your central nervous system to rest, improving your sense of self and well being. This style of massage draws from Swedish Massage techniques, kneading and friction of the more superficial layers of the muscles, combined with active and passive movements of the joints.

Crainiosacral employs a light touch -- usually no greater than the weight of a nickel -- to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. It is a sublte, but powerful technique used to reduce the negative effects of stress, and to boost the positive effects of a balanced and relaxed nervous system.

Craniosacral techniques release of restrictions in the membranes around the brain and spinal cord. The cranium is always filling, but only intermittently draining of cerebrospinal fluid. When overstimulated, the system doesn't drain often enough, and the pressure builds. Gently squeezing the bones in the back of the skull triggers the delicate interruption of fluid flow, experienced somewhat like a sigh, a relaxing exhalation and reduction of pressure in the lungs, but of the entire central nervous system. When the tissues are subsequently released and the fluid begins to flow again, it gently "flushes" the system, causing the membranes to gently stretch and release tissue restrictions or adhesions.

Hot Stone Massage
Placed on specific energy points of the body, and used to iron out muscles, smooth stones produce a profound sense of relaxation. Circulation can be boosted up to 8 times more than a "hands only" massage.

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